The majority of the people living in Santa Patricia are unable to read or write, thus an important component of this mission is to encourage education by providing uniforms, books and supplies that are required before students are allowed to attend school. This annual sponsorship covers not only the items listed above but also provides 2 hours of after school tutoring, Bible study lesson and a small snack.

  • Elementary education

    Please help us provide education for those that need help.  Elementary education expenses are $120 / year.

  • Help them thrive by sponsoring their education

    We have many opportunities to provide a lasting impact on those we meet.  One of the great opportunities is through support of education, to give children the tools and a path to improve their future.

Cost Of School Needs/year

Elementary students (through grade 6) $ 120

Home from school



Secondary (grades 7 to 11) $150

College (depending on major) $500- $3000

Elementary students

Highlight college students with majors

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Education sponsorship through BASIC
Year Number of students sponsored
2009 36
2010 32
2011 53
2012 79
2013 102
2014 105
2015 90
2016 95