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Cooperation with Lutheran Church of Canada

Cooperation with Lutheran Church of Canada The Lutheran Church of Canada has its Central and South American headquarters for training church workers in Chinandega, Nicaragua. BASIC partners with LCC and its local churches to collaborate with the families in Santa Patricia and other surrounding communities for vision clinics, construction and educational needs. While BASIC provides the service of vision clinics (partnering with VOSH Southeast), the local pastors and deaconesses use the time to talk with people within their community about the love of Jesus Christ. This is a great opportunity for the pastors and deaconesses to make connections with new people and be a local resource for those still in need. This partnering has also allowed BASIC to follow up on patients with special needs on future trips.

Making friends in Santa Patricia

Making friends in Santa Patricia

Through the years, BASIC has worked with LCC to determine some of their long-range goals and how BASIC can help achieve those goals. As a result, BASIC funds two houses per calendar year for a designated pastor or deaconess chosen by the Nicaraguan Synod. We have also started an optical lab at the LCC headquarters with the hopes of it generating revenue to be reinvested in the Nicaraguan Synod.
First Lutheran Church, Gainesville, Florida
FLC was the flagship church that started the first trips to Nicaragua in 2004. Since then, we have FLC members participate on trips, sponsor families and donate funds. They also hold an annual fundraiser supporting BASIC.


Orphan Grain Train
Through their partnership, we have shipped supplies and equipment on several cargo containers to Nicaragua.


BASIC partners with VOSH Southeast for all vision clinics in Nicaragua.


Dalton Family Eyecare
Dr. Calvin Dalton is our Clinic Director for all our vision clinics in Nicaragua.