Family Sponsorship

Here are some examples of how we have helped families with specific needs in the past. If you are interested, we will connect you with our Director of Family Relations to determine what your individual family needs are or to find a family that matches a need you would like to donate.

Business opportunities

Owning a sewing machine to do in home sewing has provided an income opportunity for several women

Sewing Machine for local seamstress

Sewing Machine for local seamstress










A horse for their hauling business

317535_429995330370148_2048040635_nJose, age 16, and his brother Cesar, age 15, were left orphaned when their father died in December of 2011. Their mother died in 2007. They have extended family that live across the street. Their old horse disappeared so a new horse was purchased for Ivan Jose because he wanted to continue to be a horse cart driver like his father. Cesar finished the 5th grade but did not want to go to high school but wants to go to mechanical school. This will be addressed in our Fall 2012 trip. Of the existing houses that we evaluated on our last trip, theirs was the worst of any we saw.







Bicycle taxis have been provided to other families as a means of allowing them to earn income income for their families. A special stove that required less wood is allowing one family the opportunity to make tortillas as a source of income.


Health needs

In addition to the specific needs for surgical eye care, a number of families are benefiting from the prescription medicines that BASIC has been able to provide. Other families are provided with funds so that they can make an appointment with a doctor to tend to their special needs.



During each visit, thanks to generous donations by our volunteers, rice and beans are purchased in bulk and distributed to those families most in need.

Basic staples for local needs

Basic staples for local needs