Approximate Cost

This is highly variable depending on the cost of the airline ticket. Hotel rooms are generally shared keeping the cost down but single rooms are also available. Food is cheaper than in the US also. For a ‘typical’ person sharing a room with one other person, you can expect your costs to be around $850 plus airfare.


Hotel: The days we are in Managua, we will stay at the Hotel Camino Real down the street from the airport. This is a very nice accommodation. Rates for Camino Real are a flat rate ranging from $70-75 a night per room (plus taxes) including a full breakfast and hot water. While in Chinandega, we will be staying at Hotel Los Portales. It’s almost a resort-style hotel with a saltwater pool. It also has hot water and nice facilities and range from $45 to $75 (plus taxes) a night per room depending on occupancy.

Airfare: Everyone will fly in to Managua, the capital. They are on Central time. Flights are variable depending on times of year. Major airlines are Delta, American, United and Copa. Expect the cost to be in the $500-$1,000 range.

Estimated Budget: (Per Person)

Hotel $148 to $430**

Meals $150 to $200**

LCC fee $20

VOSH membership $35

Travel Insurance $40

Souvenirs, t-shirt $70**

Transportation, tips $150

Total $613 to $945

**Prices vary based upon occupancy, flight location, & personal preference. Estimated prices do not include airfare.**