There are a variety of ways that generous people can get involved:

Family Sponsorships:

The BASIC Book 2014 family profiles outlines the needs of a variety of families in Santa Patricia. These vary from a family wanting support to have one child attend primary school to families with multiple children with schooling and medical needs. Others require the capital to start a small business to allow them to become self-sufficient.

Sponsoring a House

A donation of $3,000 will provide a new house for a family. You may select a family from the booklet if you choose or your donation may go toward the next designated house in Santa Patricia for a family, Pastor or Deaconess!

House 50 after

Student Education Sponsorships

Currently more than 100 students are attending school thanks to the generosity of our donors. Your gift can be added to the general pool of money or you may select a particular child from the BASIC booklet.


Each year approximately 100 people get to experience the joy of working directly with these people in need. It is a life changing experience. Come join us! (see excerpts of letters from previous volunteers)

Food Distribution


Provide funds for general support of the mission (all gifts are tax deductible)