Itinerary of Trip

Volunteers will be provided with a target date and time to arrive at the Managua airport prior to making their airplane reservations. Due to some scheduling difficulties, some people arrive a day early and stay at the Camino Real Hotel– the same one used prior to the return trip to the US/Canada. After everyone arrives the group boards the vans provided to travel to Hotel Los Portales in Chinandega. The next morning all participants go to Santa Patricia for a welcoming ceremony and then the vision clinic people continue on to one of their locations while the construction crew remains in Santa Patricia to begin their project. Don’t worry as Suzy schedules everything well in advance and you will be given a day-by-day itinerary prior to the trip.

After a hard days work all volunteers return to the hotel for a dip in the pool and/or happy hour. The evening meal is often enjoyed as a group at the hotel or a local restaurant. One night is usually reserved for a short trip to Corinto to experience an outstanding seafood dinner.

During the week one day is set aside for relaxation and exploring the area. On the final work day all volunteers go to Santa Patricia to tour the community, interact with the local people, participate in the blessing of the houses and to enjoy the farewell ceremony.