High Efficiency stoves

  • High Efficiency Stoves Making A Difference

    BASIC Nicaragua delivered another shipment of 50 High Efficiency Stoves during our July 2017 visit.  The common look and smell of wood fire smoke is significantly reduced in several parts of the village, and fuel consumption has been reduced as well.  Please consider making a contribution that can have a lasting effect on a family.

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the lives of the people of Nicaragua, BASIC can now provide efficient, safe and affordable cooking stoves.  Made by a Nicaraguan consortium near Granada,  Coci-Nica offers fired-adobe stoves that use less wood and create less smoke.  For the people of Santa Patricia the Coci-Nica stove replaces a three-rock fire that is used over and over every day.  Prior to our arrival 50 stoves were picked up, transported to Santa Patricia and stored in the church.   By the morning of our first day 35 families had already committed to purchasing a stove.   The stoves were priced in an affordable way that allowed recipients to participate in their own improvement.
By 3 pm on the first day in Santa Patricia, all stoves were sold out, delivered and installed in working order.

The new model square-shaped stoves are sturdy, require approximately one third of the wood than open fires and produce much less smoke. Each stove weighs about 45 pounds. The metal grates fit nicely in the top, and hold the cooking pots and pans up away from the adobe about an inch.
If you would like to invest in a family’s cocina (kitchen), please donate $35 per stove.
They will be delivered personally to families by our volunteers and local assistance on our next visit to Santa Patricia.  If you would like to spend a week with us helping out with an eye clinic, or building houses, or helping to deliver stoves, please see information about our upcoming trips from our Mission Trips section.