Just Love Coffee!!

Just Love Coffee

This coffee ministry was created to support BASIC Nicaragua and the housing projects there. Each house costs $3,000. We build 4 houses per trip, twice a year. That is $24,000 needed annually in order to continue our work providing safe, dry, basic housing for the people of Santa Patricia.
How will we support such an incredible mission?  Just Love Coffee!! Coffee is the largest export in Nicaragua, so we thought it appropriate to connect coffee with our mission.

Between K-Cups and trips to Starbucks, a lot of people spend between $10-$20 per week on coffee.  What if you buy one bag of coffee per month from our coffee supplier (Just Love Coffee) at $13.00 to $15.00?  This is premium coffee (you pick what kind of coffee you love) that is fresh roasted when they receive our order.  The profit is then sent to support the housing effort in Nicaragua. (ALL OF THE PROFIT) Our goal for 2016 is 55 people ordering 1 bag a month – that translates into $3,000 per year to support this mission and fund one more house in Nicaragua. Won’t you please consider supporting this great cause today?

Click below to visit our JustLoveCoffee.com profile, and click on the shop and support button on the right side of the page.