Who We Are

Our Vision:

BASIC’s vision is to:

  • Succeed with its partners in improving the lives and opportunities for the people of Nicaragua through education, housing and health
  • Train people in Nicaragua in job skills
  • Empower others to experience being the hands and feet of Jesus providing humanitarian assistance

Board of Directors:

President: Suzy Eberle

Treasurer: River Wylde

Director of Education: Dianne Wharton
Billy Martinez
Director of Linguistics: Billy Martinez

Other Directors: Roger Natzke, Chris Menchini, Dan Hamann


The concept of BASIC was conceived in 2005 when a small group of members of First Lutheran church from Gainesville, Florida went to Chinandega Nicaragua. While there, they visited Santa Patricia, a refugee Camp made up of people displaced by devastating Hurricane Mitch. The following year a vision clinic was held there but still the need was so great, much more remained to be accomplished. The first house was also built at this time with much to be learned about construction in Nicaragua. In 2007, a small delegation returned to Santa Patricia and interviewed all of the families to determine the family structure and their immediate housing, educational and medical needs. A booklet was developed outlining the families and their needs.  Since that first vision clinic and house  built in 2006, we have seen over 18,698 patients in vision clinics and built 93 houses.

BASIC Nicaragua was granted official non-profit 501c3 status on May 17, 2012. Thus all donations to the effort become tax free.